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Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana is home to Houston’s original Napoletana pizzeria. Using the same time-honored traditions and techniques that have been used in Naples, Italy for over 300 years, these lightly topped pizzas cook in 90 seconds at 900 degrees in a custom made Italian brick oven. We use only the finest ingredients either scratch-made in house, or imported from Italy. The “tipo 00’’ flour, tomatoes, and olive oil are all imported from Italy, while the cheese, sauce, and dough are made fresh daily resulting in a truly unique pizza experience. You can now order online!

90 Seconds at 900 Degrees

Our brick ovens were made in Naples, Italy and shipped to the United States. The oven is made of brick and mortar and contains a “biscotto” baking stone floor and will maintain 900 degrees.


The pizza dough is made in-house from scratch using type “00” Italian flour,  water, salt, and fresh yeast. The scratch-made mozzarella is made from 100% whole milk and the sauce is made fresh daily as well.

Imported from Italy

San Marzano tomatoes, olive oil, and type “00” Italian flour are all imported from Italy to enhance the flavor of our authentic Napoletana style pizzas.

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“We invite you to join the family at Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana
for an authentic Italian pizza experience!”

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